All Things Fair...

Bad boy Bo. Widerberg's back with another Swedish treat for the eyes and the mind. A semi- autobiographical tale of a young boy experiencing the rites of passage, this film points out the sharp difference between the abundant commercial junk too seen often on the screen portending to be films concerning adolescence and maturity and a beautiful, sensitive, warm, humorous, and sometimes cruel and painful portrait of real life. Among a top-notch cast, including noted stage actress Marika Lagerkranz and Tomas von Bronssen as the teacher and her husband, superb points must be awarded to Johan Widerberg, the handsome young lead actor (and son of the director) who delivers a magnificent performance, the subtlety of which is so refined and masterfully crafted that it almost escapes the viewer's notice that it is a performance one is watching as the boy evolves into manhood.

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