Barb Wire

Surely, one of the year's most hotly awaited properties is the film debut of that astounding figure Pamela Anderson Lee. That, in only a few short years, she has made the transition from a model for Playboy magazine to a TV star on "Home Improvement" and "Baywatch" to the embodiment of a cartoon character in Barb Wire is an incredible feat not many could have accomplished in quite the same way. Mike Richardson, producer of the film and president of Dark Horse Entertainment, says that "the resemblance between Barb and Pamela is pretty amazing. One of the problems with comic book characters that translate onto the screen is that you can never get a human to do the things that a comic book artist can illustrate." and adds, "Incredibly, Pamela seems to be able to do them". Pamela herself seems to be overjoyed with her new adventure, when she says ."..this is probably the best kind of role I could ever hope for."

Her commitment to the role included having a real tattoo of barbed wire imprinted onto her arm. And that's not all. She reveals all when she tells us, "I did my own stunts strapped into a corset that squeezed my waist to 17 inches. I ran in stilettos that were a challenge to walk in." It is disarming to see dedication in so young an actress.

And the difficulties she had to overcome in her daily routine were endless. With media lenses often aimed at her from every direction she recalls, at one point during her rigorous, vigorous, and dangerous motorcycle training "some tabloid helicopter was hovering overhead when I skidded into a fence and wiped out."

The learning experiences were not solely restricted to motorcycling. She tells us that "because Barb owns a pretty hefty arsenal of guns and other weapons, I learned to shoot MP5Ks and fully automatic everything. So I guess if the acting thing doesn't work out, I could always find work as a mercenary." Myriad are the sacrifices we must undergo to achieve art. And, if you thought she was just some babe: Bang, bang, you're dead.

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