(APRIL 2003)

Broadcast: Wednesday, April 2nd (2003) at 21:05 on Nederland 1.
Due to extremely heavy rains, the riverbeds are swelling and the everyone has to evacuate their homes. Jacoba, however, refuses to leave and hides herself away until her granddaughter Fleur comes and tries to convince her to leave. Script written by Helena van der Meulen based upon the stage play by Pauline Mol. Directed by Eric Oosthoek, cast features Annemarie Prins, Eva van Barneveld and Niek Pancras. Produced by Waterland Film & TV for IKON.

Broadcast: Saturday, April 5th (2003) at 22.45 on Nederland 3.
The search of an Aruban father for his son in postwar Holland is filled with fantasies while the fact-based story of the remarkable young man unfolds the true-life adventures of a lost hero in the resistance who sacrificed himself for the liberation of Holland. Written by Arthur Japin. Directed by Frans Weisz, cast includes Felix de Rooy, Steve Hooi, Sylvia Poorta, Gaby Milder and Johnny de Mol. Produced by Sherman de Jesus and Cécile van Eijk for Memphis Film & Television for VARA.

Broadcast:: Wednesday, April 9th (2003) at 21.05 on Nederland 1.
Against the background of the royal wedding in Holland (anno 2002), two Argentinian women and one Dutchman search for a love that has disappeared without trace. Written and directed by Paul Ruven, cast includes Silvía Munt, Mattijn Hartemink, Fred Goessens, Frank Lammers, Giam Kwee, Monic Hendrickx, Jasper van Overbruggen and Halina Reijn. Produced by Pieter van Huystee Film & TV for the Humanistische Omroep.

Broadcast:: Saturday, April 12th (2003) at 22.45 on Nederland 3.
Schoolgirl Denise is dissatisfied with life. When she meets 19-year-old Michael things seem to take a turn for the better as her romantic dreams become fulfilled, but is this new reality too good to be true? Written by Jacqueline Epskamp. Directed by Lodewijk Crijns, cast includes Monique van der Werff en Dragan Bakema. Produced by Frans van Gestel and Jeroen Beker of Motel Films for the VPRO.

Broadcast:: Wednesday, April 16th (2003) at 21.05 on Nederland 1.
Dirk has no intention of sitting back while the developers tear down the home he has lived in for so long. Whether or not his mind can deal with the situation knocking at his front door is another question. Written by Dick van den Heuvel and directed by Ger Poppelaars. Cast features: Frits Lambrechts, Marjolein Meijers, Cees Geel en Bernard Droog. Produced by Metropolis Media for KRO.

"15.35: SPOOR 1" ("15:35 PLATFORM 1")
Broadcast:: Saturday April 19th (2003) at 20:25 on Nederland 2.
Schoolboy Benjamin takes his videocamera along and goes on a search for the truth behind a tragic accident, but comes to discover that this truth is quite different to his expectations. Written by Anton Smit and Robert-Jan Overeem, directed by Tim Oliehoek and Marcel Hensema. Cast features: Marijn Klaver, Charlie Dagelet, Youssef Bchiri, Caro Lenssen, Özlem Solmaz, Myrthe van Pelt, Loubna Belfkih and Nourddine Mastouri. Produced by Vera Jennes for IdtV Drama for BNN.

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