The English Patient

Anthony Minghella, who has already given us Mr. Wonderful and Truly, Madly, Deeply, seems to have a desire to specialize in films about relationships that, at some point in the story, will touch the audience's heart and possibly bring a tear to the eye. Americans especially love this kind of fare, as attested to by the popularity of such films as A Guy Named Joe, An Affair to Remember, Magnificent Obsession, and Ghost. There seems to be big territory for Tony to conquer out there. Great performances by all involved and a special tribute to producer Sol Zaentz for persevering even when the finances on the film ran into trouble; also one for the Weinstein bros. of Miramax who rescued it from financial demise. Here's an example of a film that almost didn't make it to the movie theatres because of administrators and financiers who knew better. Time for reassessment, Hollywood? Bound to pick up a lot of Oscars® beyond any reasonable doubt.

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