Evening Star

Everybody has gotten older since Terms of Endearment first opened. At least, that is, if they were around when it opened. So, now it's time for a sequel which will give us a chance to see the characters (the ones who haven't died off) all these years later. Doesn't Juliette Lewis remind you of Debra Winger in her new brunette wig? She even acts a little like Winger with an unmistakably Lewis-child- quality running through it (as always). It's a joy to see Miranda Richardson, a magnificent actress and continually rising star, give yet another performance of sublime subtlety, this time holding her own against the well defined talents of the equally magnificent Miss MacLaine. Even ex-astronaut Jack Nicholson drops in for a few seconds near the end. Aren't reunions wonderful? It seems the tears have dried up and are now to be spread to the wind. If you missed the first film, go see that one instead.

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