The Eyes of Tammy Fay

The vibrant and sensuous voice of RuPaul, after proffering an introductory background, leads us forward into this film with the words, "What ever happened to Tammy Faye?" One might almost tend to ask, "What didn't happen to Tammy Faye?" because the little fighting figurine, who managed to survive disaster after disaster, has shot through a lifeline ranging from television evangelist to gay icon, from puppeteer to manipulator, from divorcee to newlywed, from outcast to fledgling, and from addict to cancer patient. Never a dull moment in this girl's life! Most fascinating of all (for the viewer) is that this film gives a new slant from the media's point of view. Continuously under attack from television and press during the days of her demise, this new film gives a fresh analysis of events behind the face and the fall. The court is still out on whether or not Tammy and Jim were very, very good or very, very bad, but at least our aging Barbie gets a chance here to voice her opinion and blink her eyelashes.

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