Kiss the Girls

Who's been a naughty girl? If you can't behave, then he'll just have to take you out into the woods and cut your head off. Talk about make them cry. Yes, this is a film about a serial killer who has developed an alternative system and lifestyle. Who better than Dr. Alex Cross (Morgan Freeman), a forensic police detective and crime author whose kidnapped niece is possibly one of the victims, to investigate. (After all, Freeman did pretty well as William Somerset in "Seven," didn't he? N.B.- There are seven girls missing.) Nothing goes unnoticed by this man. He's the kind of person you don't invite to visit without dusting off the furniture. Of course, the local honkies of Durham, North Carolina don't immediately take a shine to this Washington, D.C. lawman. Our killer's m.o. is definitely kinky and, as a result, he naturally likes to call himself Casanova. It seems he's just a lonely lover to die for.

(c) copyright 1997 PARAMOUNT.
Photo: Bob Greene.

Cross may not have been received with open arms by the ante-bellum crew, but is eventually assisted by headstrong female doctor Kate Mctiernan (Ashley Judd), who happens to be the only successfully escaped victim and available witness to the murderer's dungeon (AKA harem). She is determined to catch the man (once she comes out of her coma). Cross also recognizes F.B.I agents in the vicinity and realizes that this case is bigger than anyone in the local neighborhood might think (,although this is not a surprise considering the way they think).

Based on the best-selling novel by James Patterson, the direction of Gary Fleder, backed up by a strong cast and a clever script, effectively creates all the necessary suspense of this thriller on screen. There is more than one surprise in store along the way that might be suspected beforehand by the attentive viewer. Watch for clues.

Also included are the attractive an inestimable talents of Tony Goldwyn and Cary Elwes.

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