Loch Ness

This will never be a contender with Jurassic Park. Couldn't someone have figured out that most of the audience would be waiting for a glimpse of the monster from the moment the film begins? So why wait till near the end to relieve us of and release us from our expectations? Burying frustration and plodding ahead, we discover that no typecasting has been done for this film.

Ted Danson plays brilliant zoologist Dr. Jonathan Dempsey and Joely Richardson plays local barkeeper Laura MacFeteridge. (Typecasting would have been doing it the other way around). Dr. Dempsey, the disillusioned Dick, wants to prove once and for all that the Loch Ness monster doesn't exist. Add Ian Holm as an elf-like old Water Bailiff and Kirsty Graham as Laura's youthful "gifted" daughter Isabel, and you have the makings of a modern day fairy tale. Do you believe in Nessies? Give me Beany and Cecil any day.

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