Money Train

Haven't had enough of either Mel Gibson and Danny Glover or Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson or Eddie Murphy and Judge Reinhold? Well, move over boys, it's time once again for Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson.

Fun? These boys have a lot of fun with each other and don't it show. As foster brothers and transit cops in the middle of New York City what could be more fun than to rob the "Money Train" that carries millions in MTA subway fares? The ultimate free ride.

Charlie (Harrelson) sees it as the only way to get himself out of a heavy gambling debt and save his life. John (Snipes), on the other hand, is a bit of a stickler about the possibility of losing life during such a robbery. Besides, it just ain't right for two cops to act like low down ordnry critters.

Love interest? Of course. It's the responsible and dedicated John who gets the girl (also a cop; let's keep things respectable). So, you may ask yourself, why shouldn't Charlie get something too? Like a little bit of dinero. The only woman who wants to get close to him is the little old lady with free floating fingers.

Action? A guy called the Torch who sets token clerks on fire is one of the sickos these brothers have to deal with. Some people in New York got very upset because a booth attendant actually got torched after the film opened. Blame it on the film? I don't think so. I remember a similar event in Rockaway some years ago. It's just New York. The Green Hartnett knows.

Danger? According to Harrelson he really really hanging from the fifty-first floor of the Four Seasons Hotel for one scene. As he says, "I was danglin'; I was dancin'; I was havin' a good time." Whooooo, maybe somebody should call a doctor.

Producer Jon Peters and director Joseph Ruben have teamed up to create another enjoyable event.

Superb points for the New York City subway set, the longest set in film history, which was actually constructed in a L.A. railroad yard. Impressive piece of work from the creators as well as the construction and electrical teams who put it together. It could've fooled me.

Lots of fun and high-energy action. With sounds ranging from Shaggy to Luther Vandross. Jennifer Lopez is a real turn on. And hasn't Robert Blake gotten nasty!

© 1994-2006 The Green Hartnett