The Relic

The Museum of Natural History is no place to be roaming at night, especially if Kothoga is running around loose in the place. Commenting on the film, producer Gale Anne Hurd says that 'the characters, trapped in a place that is already frightening after hours, are forced to confront the most terrifying creature ever seen on screen.' She also admits that she loves 'seeing movies where I am terrified, surprised and scared out of my wits.' That's definitely the right kind of producer to be put on a film like this.

Director Peter Hyams, who has given us such fun features in the past as Outland and Capricorn One, has delivered another treat. From the Nosferatu-like ship-of-death to the Alien-like apparition in the corridors to the Terminator-like chase scene, it's all fright time in the popcorn palace. Stan Winston is the man responsible for bringing the monster to life, so that's a definite plus right there. Superb points, Stan. Choreographer John Alexander worked with two actors for months in order to develop movements for one of several full-size creature suits. Of course, there are also animatronics and other FX. Kathoga, the creature, has developed a certain taste for the human pituitary and is extremely well equipped to gain access to it. See the film and you'll see what I mean. Just keep your heads.

The basic premise of the tale involves a virus that, once introduced into human DNA, can produce a hormone that produces dramatic physical changes. (So watch out for any fungus on your lettuce leaves.) If Reagan had just been around at the start of the film, he could have told the professor to just say no.

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