She's the One

No, she's not. No matter what your dad says, father does not always know best. At least that's what writer-director- actor Ed Burns tries to show the world with his first big budget production. Having already achieved notice with his previous production 'The Brothers McMullen', noted in Variety as the most profitable film of 1995 (having only cost $ 25,000 to make), this time he's been given the go ahead to play with $ 3 million. A great chance for an Irish-American from Woodside, Queens to show how confusing sex can be by developing this thesis in a comprehensible sitcom format for the big screen. Robert Redford must have liked the script, having chosen it for his newly formed production company South Fork Pictures. Then again, Burns' first film won the Grand Jury Prize in '95 at the Sundance Festival.

The story? Mickey (Edward Burns), a New York cabdriver and his Wall Street stockbroker brother, Francis (Mike McGlone) both have woman trouble as a result of the macho teachings of their father (John Mahoney). Yuppie brother cheats on wife (Jennifer Anniston) with brother's ex-girlfriend (Cameron Diaz). Meanwhile Mickey picks up a fare (Maxine Bahns) and marries her. Nevertheless, he is still attracted by his old girlfriend, spirited on less by anything she has to offer than by the sibling rivalry between him and his brother. The audience should be grateful that Tom Petty is along for the ride. Superb points for the score.

If you've already had the chance to see 'The Brothers McMullen' and you go to see 'She's the One' be warned that you may suddenly be surprised by an unexpected attack of deja vu. Wonder what Burns' next film will be like?

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