Isn't Raul Julia CAMP!!! He really seems to have developed that special sense of comedy which revealed itself so well in Addams Family Values. And speaking of developed, I suppose everyone would expect a word or two about the Belgian Bicep, Jean-Claude Van Damme. I must admit that his tongue-in-cheek is funnier than Arnold or Sly, but then again, it's operating on another level.

Kylie Minogue appears in the role of Cammy, an intelligence officer, which she admits was a considerable challenge for her. Reflecting on the part, she says, "She's such a powerful woman and occupies such a position of power, and I'm very small and petite. At least that's what I thought when I started the picture. But we trained every night --- doing weights one night and martial arts the next." Sounds like a strenuous schedule.

Impressive performances are put in by Ming-Na Wen and Wes Studi. And, quite honestly, it looks as if everybody had a lot of fun making it. Steven E. De Souza, scriptwriter for Die Hard, Die Hard 2, and The Flintstones has not only incorporated his usual fast action and comedy in this vehicle, but has taken over the role of director.

The choreographed kick punch smash and crash scenes are slick and exciting. This is most likely due to the efforts of Trainer/Fight Technician Benny "The Jet" Urquidez. I enjoyed it more than John Woo.

The plot line seems to go from "Return to the Thunderdome" to "The Incredible Hulk meets Bozo the Clown" to "The Flash Gordon of the U.N. Security Forces combats La Ming en Rouge and the WWF." Just like a video game. Continually moving onto the next level, and I guess that's the general idea, coming as it does from the CAPCOM Video Game "Street Fighter II".

Producer Edward R. Pressman has impressed us in the past with such distinguished films as Badlands, Conan the Barbarian, Reversal of Fortune, and Bad Lieutenant. He has worked with such noted directors as Terence Malick, Oliver Stone, and Brian De Palma. And now, Streetfighter. One can only hold their breath awaiting his forthcoming Judge Dredd with Stallone.

Let us return, however, once again to Raul Julia. A fine actor whether performing comedy or drama. He really is fabulously funny in this film and, as far as I'm concerned, steals the show.

Perhaps creating the screen role of General Bison instead of recreating a screen role like Gomez Addams made it easier to exploit the humor and give it free range. On the other hand, perhaps it's just more fun to watch because the viewer isn't busy comparing it with earlier interpretations. In any case, he certainly knew how to play a villain with a taste for flair: "Game over!"

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