How now! This is a thoroughly enjoyable romp, albeit often black and tragic, that opens up a cross section of society so often unfamiliar to those willing to pass judgement upon it. Know what I mean? The modern drug culture, or a least a segment of it, is splashed across the screen and, like it or not, it's human. You get to know (and even like some of) the characters and their lives.

So, take my word for it and grab the opportunity to get to know Renton, Begbie, Diane, Sick Boy, and Spud while you have the chance. You will definitely laugh at some point, unless you're so uptight it makes you completely ill. Looks to me like things don't change so much through the years, it's just the forms they take. A fabulous and masterful follow-up from the people who created Shallow Grave. Bound to become a cult classic.


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