The Video Diary of Ricardo Lopez

One feels claustrophobically trapped by the horrifyingly vivid videotapes left behind by Lopez which have become the legacy of a young man's life as he slides into madness. Chronicling the last days of this would-be assassin, the video material has been edited into a startling 70-minute documentary. It reveals someone whose mental imbalance, combined with a frustrating discontent with the world around him, leads him to plan the murder of Icelandic singer Björk by using a mail bomb. There is no poignancy in the moments where he moves nakedly around the squalor of his apartment and determinedly wanders deeper into the depravity of his plan. A social outcast, he finally manages to mail the deadly package before returning home and committing suicide.

(Please note that Ricardo did succeed in managing to fulfill all the requirements of "Dogma" filmmaking.)

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