Farewell, René

(November 2001)

  • The 19th World Wide Video Festival, which started on the 10th of October, will run until the 10th of November at various locations in Amsterdam including The Melkweg, Baby, and De Brakke Grond. Exhibitions, performances, seminars, screenings, presentations and a media lounge are all part of the event(s). Further information available at www.wwvf.nl.

  • IDFA, the International Documentary Film Festival of Amsterdam, will take place this year from November 22nd through December 2nd. The annual three-day Forum will take place November 26th through 28th. Docs for Sale runs from November 23rd through November 30th. Further info at www.idfa.nl.

  • The Gorcum Filmfestival, devoted to the short film, will take place this year from November 1st till 9th in Gorinchem, Holland (or Gorcum, Holland, if you please). Among the films to be screened this year are Jaap de Vries' "Wraakengel", a 39-minute film about a boy seeking revenge for the murder of his sister and the Sergei Latisov's 24-minute "Nodirabegim" which reveals, through modern dance, the story of the early 19th century poetess Nodirabegim. The "Day of the Short Film" ("Dag van de Korte Film") will take place on Saturday, November 9th. Films will be screened in both the Gorcum Museum and a church a stone's throw away from the center of town. Further information is available at www.filmfestival-gorinchem.nl.

  • "Windtalkers", the John Woo film starring Nicholas Cage (see TGH BUZZ for July 2001) has had its opening shifted from November 9th of this year to June 14th of next year (Flag Day). This film deals with Navaho Americans who utilized a code of their own that was not only effective for the tribes, but proved instrumental in winning the Second World War. The code has never been broken. It would seem that the opening date has most likely been affected by current world developments. Smoke signals?

  • The hundredth anniversary of Giuseppi Verdi's death (1813-1901) is enough reason for the Netherlands Filmmuseum to show a series of legendary films from international television archives, all revolving around the man's work (evenings at 7:15 until November 6th). Of special note are Carmine Gallones filmed version of "Rigoletto" from 1946 and the Henri-Georges Clouzot version of Verdi's "Requiem Mass" (shot with 13 cameras). Further info at www.nfm.nl.

  • Tate Modern in London is presently offering a six-week course for those interested in surrealism titled "Shock, Horror, Trauma and Disgust". Call Tate Ticketing on 020 7887 8888 and try not to get too upset.

  • Website ricardo.nl has been auctioning off costumes used in the making of "The Discovery of Heaven" as well as autographed storyboard sketches by Jeroen Krabbé. All proceeds will go to the Red Cross. A little piece of Heaven, anyone?

  • Jean van de Velde will be directing the new Rob Houwer production of "Soldier of Orange 2 - The Sequel" ("Soldaat van Oranje 2 - Het Vervolg") This film has nothing to do with the Second World War, but takes place instead during the train hijacking in Drenthe, Holland during the 1970's and is based upon the second part of the Erik Hazelhoff Roelfzema biography.

  • A final solemn note and a sad farewell to René Scholten, one of the most upstanding and forthright of Dutch producers who has added a very strong personal stamp to the field of Dutch film production since the 1970's, especially under the auspices of his company "Studio Nieuwe Gronden". During the NFF (Netherlands Film Festival) on September 19th of this year he was awarded the Gouden Kalf voor Kultuur Prijs (Golden Calf for Culture Prize). He was a man who said what he thought and didn't mince words. He will be missed.

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