Movement Means >>> Art Deco in Holland, Fairy Tales in Spain, FACT Finding in Liverpool and Everything Under the Sun in Brooklyn.

(February 2002)

  • "Het Grootste van het Grootste" ("The Greatest of the Greatest") will be opening film at DocuZone on Thursday, February 28th. This documentary covers the life of Abraham Tuschinski and that alone makes it promise to a special treat. Tuschinski, a poor Jewish tailor from Poland, intended to travel to America and pursue the American dream, but wound up staying in Rotterdam and becoming known as the "King of the Dutch Cinema". Under his directive, several stunning cinemas were erected, including the magnificent art-nouveau palace in Amsterdam known as the Tuschinski Theater (which still stands today and is presently undergoing extensive renovation). Director Ger Poppelaars uses archive footage and interviews to investigate the life of a man who left a special mark on Holland, but unfortunately met his end in Auschwitz in 1942.

    DocuZone, a collaboration between the Dutch Film fund, CoBo Fund, the Association of Dutch Filmtheaters, the Ministry of Culture, the Workshop for Public Broadcasting, Paul de Bont Film & Advice, and Cam-a-lot Audio-visual Facilities, will begin showing a series of documentaries that includes both new and classic films at ten cinemas this month. Each title will be screened at least twice a week. Further info regarding the program at www.docuzone.nl.

  • Staying on the reality tour, the "Documentary Salon" is an event that takes place at the Rialto Cinema in Amsterdam every Saturday at 4 PM. More information regarding this event is available at www.rialtofilm.nl/salon/index.html".

  • The 5th Brooklyn International Film Festival, which takes place from May 7-12, is calling for entries. Categories include feature, experimental, documentary, shorts, and animation. Entries must be posted by February 15th, so, if you're interested, hurry. Go to www.brooklynfilmfestival.org.

  • Looks like finishing touches are being made on "The Stoneraft" as the music and sound track are worked on by director George Sluizer, who describes his latest venture, based upon the novel by Nobel prize winning author Josè Saramago, as an fairy tale for adults. Unfortunately, Dutch audiences will have to wait a little longer than they might wish to see this film as the original release is planned to take place in Spain.

  • The Dutch film "Oesters van Nam Kee" ("Oysters from Nam Kee"), based on the novel by Kees van Beijnum, won't be premiering in cinemas until September of this year, but the website on which you can hear the latest pros and cons of life as told by stars Katja Schuurman, Egbert-Jan Weeber and Johnny de Mol Jr. as well as get a glimpse of how the film is being made. Already operational, the site can be found at www.oestersdefilm.nl

  • "Where, art on the move", a project consisting of three separate exhibitions at the Brakke Grond in Amsterdam, will be opening officially on Friday, February 15th, Friday, March 22nd and Friday, April 19th. Twenty talented artists, who have recently completed their studies from the Art Academy in Ghent, Belgium, have been invited to display their works in the field of Mixed Media and 3D Multi-Media. Working with several disciplines, the exhibitions attempt to reflect the changing aspects of our society, culture, values, judgments and identities. Installations, video, soundscapes, objects and drawings will be presented under the separate titles of "Where I", "Where II", and "Where III" taking place respectively from February 15th through March 17th, March 22nd through April 14th, and April 19th through May 12th. (P.S. - Closed for the Queen's birthday.) "Where" will U B? Catch it. Further info at www.brakkegrond.nl.

  • The FACT Centre (Foundation for Art & Creative Technology) in Liverpool, England will finally be opening its doors this year. This should be exciting. In the meantime, there is "Manual", a collection of works by Christoph Girardet and Matthias Müller on show at the Bluecoat Gallery (School Lane) in Liverpool from the 15th of February till the 23rd of March. The London contingent who don't manage to make it up north often might try "Milch" (2-10 Tinworth Street) from April 10th till May 26th. Check out www.fact.co.uk for further info.

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