Pieter Verhoeff - Special Guest of Film Festival 2002

(September 2002)

  • The Netherlands Film Festival (NFF) will premiere the film Pieter Fleury's "Ramses" (a documentary focussing on recent years in the life of 60's Dutch pop star Ramses Shaffy) on the evening of September 25th. The festival this year run from September 25th to October 4th. Special "Guest of the Year" for 2002 is director Pieter Verhoeff, who has enjoyed his greatest recent success with "Nynke", a film released last year which was selected for submission as the Dutch entry for best foreign language film at the Oscars. His newest film "Vrij Naar de Natuur" will also be premiering at the festival. Verhoeff, a familiar face at this annual event, will be leading various workshops and discussions as well as being on hand as a regular participant in talk shows. Check out the full schedule at www.filmfestival.nl.

  • Dutch films galore, which have been recently released or are soon to be released in the cinemas, will (obviously) be screened at this year's NFF. Included among the crop, both good and bad, are Ate de Jong's "Fogbound", Rudolf van den Berg's (English language) "Snapshots", Pollo de Pimentel's "Oesters Van Nam Kee", George Sluizer's "The Stone Raft", Pieter Kramer's "Ja Zuster, Nee Zuster" (based on the stories by Annie M.G. Schmidt), Stephan Brenninkmeijer's "Swingers", Johan Nijenhuis' "Volle Maan", Bobby Eerhart's "Loenatik - De Movie", and Paula van der Oest's "Moonlight".

  • Pieter Fleury's "Ramses" was slotted for release this fall by RCV, but difficulties have arisen between the original distribution company and NPS, the television station that has the rights to broadcast the film. According to RCV director Dirk de Lille, an agreement was made between NPS and Selfmade Films that the film wouldn't be broadcast until one year after the cinema release had taken place. The NPS, however, had a change of mind and wanted to schedule the broadcast six months following release. RCV felt this was too short a time to earn back the money invested in making filmcopies and promotional advertising, whereas a period of a full year would allow them time to generate some income from rental as well as DVD/Video release and cable. "Ramses" will now, as a result of this dispute, be released in Holland by A-film distribution. It is unfortunate that television networks and film distributors in Holland find it so difficult to settle agreements that suit both parties, this especially since it is problematic enough already for filmmakers to find sufficient funding for really good Dutch films.

  • On seven earlier occasions V2_ and Paradiso have organized the program "dot.nu, live cinema in motion". Now, within the context of the "September in Rotterdam, the World of the Witte de With" event, an extra edition of "dot.nu" is scheduled, in which a closer look will be taken at how two projects from earlier dot.nu's have developed since their initial joint performance.

    "dot.nu" is one of the driving forces behind the phenomenon of "live cinema", which focuses on various forms of live projections in combination with live music. The rise of VJ culture has led to a renewed interest in alternative ways of presenting projected images, and now developments in both hardware and software have made 'live cinema' fact rather than fiction. Having provided an active platform for live cinema for almost two years now, "dot.nu" also supports research into other forms of projection and experience. Further information available at: www.v2.nl/dotnu/.

    dot.nu, extra edition
    Concert/performance (in collaboration with Paradiso and 'September in Rotterdam')
    Context: festival the World of the Witte de With
    Date: Friday 13 September 2002
    Doors open: 8 PM, start 8.30 PM
    Admission: € 2,50
    Location: V2_, Eendrachtsstraat 10, Rotterdam

  • The Netherlands Filmmuseum has, in collaboration with Pathé, organized a series of films to be screened between September 15th, 2002 and June 7th, 2003 at the newly renovated Tuschinski Theatre in Amsterdam under the title of "Nostalgia in Pathé Tuschinski". A different old favorite is scheduled for each Sunday morning. Included are:
    • 15 September, 10.30: "Rooie Sien" (NL 1975, dir: Frans Weisz, starring Willeke Alberti, Jules Hamel),
    • 20 October, 10.30: "The Wizard of Oz" (USA 1939, dir: Victor Fleming, starring Judy Garland, Frank Morgan),
    • 17 November, 10.30: "De Kribbebijter" (NL 1935, dir: Herman Kosterlitz, starring Cor Ruys, Mart Dresselhuis, Frits van Dongen),
    • 18 January 2003, 10.30: "Moutarde am Sonansee" (NL 1959, dir: Toon Hermans, starring Toon Hermans, Phyllis Lane),
    • 16 February 2003, 10.30: "Blonde Venus" (USA 1932, dir: Josef von Sternberg, starring Marlene Dietrich, Herbert Marshall, Cary Grant),
    • 16 March 2003, 10.30: "Jenny" (NL 1958, dir: Willy van Hemert, starring Ellen van Hemert, Maxim Hamel),
    • 4 May, 10:30: "De Overval" (NL 1962, dir: Paul Rotha, met Rob de Vries, Kees Brusse),
    • 7 June 2003, 10.30: various Laurel & Hardy-films, including "Blockheads" (USA 1938, dir: John Blystone).
    Tickets are € 6,50 separately or € 36,00 for a passe-partout.

  • IBC, the International Broadcasting Convention, will be holding it's 2002 edition in Amsterdam's RAI Convention Center between September 12th and September 16th. A thousand exhibitors put their latest expertise in the field of electronic media on display for 45,000 high quality visitors from Europe and 120 countries worldwide. Among other events planned that may be of interest for our readers (viewers and TGH accessors) is the "D-Cinema Day" which will be taking place on the 16th and will be discussing matters of concern regarding the present and future of technology and finance for both large scale cinema and independents. Further information available at www.ibc.org.

  • The Toronto Film Festival (TFF), which runs from September 5th through 14th, opens this year with Atom Egoyan's "Ararat". Other interesting items scheduled are Neil Jordan's "The Good Thief", and Peter Kosminsky's "White Oleander". Further information and news concerning the festival available: www.e.bell.ca/filmfest/2002/.

  • The fourth edition of the Bordeaux International Festival of Women in Cinema will be held from September 23rd to 29th, 2002. This festival emphasizes female cinematographers' work, most especially the work of scriptwriters, producers and directors. Further information available at www.cinemafeminin.com.

  • "Die Another Day", the 20th film from the James Bond franchise, marks the series' 40th anniversary and has been chosen for this year's prestigious Royal Film Performance to aid The Cinema and Television Benevolent Fund. Buckingham Palace has confirmed that Her Majesty the Queen and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh will attend the prestigious event, set to take place at London's Royal Albert Hall on November 18, 2002. It's the first time the historic venue has been chosen to host The Royal Film Performance, which is the chief fundraiser for The Cinema and Television Benevolent Fund. Set for release in the UK on November 20 and in the US on November 22, 2002, the film should be reaching Holland shortly thereafter.

    The Cinema and Television Benevolent Fund was formed in 1924 to look after industry professionals who may have fallen on hard times. The Royal Film Performance is an annual event to benefit the Fund. The CTBF is the British Trade Charity for anyone who has worked in any capacity behind the cameras in the film, cinema, cable, satellite or independent television industries whether their profession is administration, production, distribution, or broadcasting.

    "We are tremendously honoured that Her Majesty the Queen will be attending the World Premiere of Die Another Day and that our film has been selected as this year's Royal Film Performance," said producers Wilson and Broccoli. "James Bond is the epitome of all things British. We have enjoyed making the films in England and having the opportunity to work with such brilliant technicians and artists. We are incredibly proud that this event will be held at The Royal Albert Hall in aid of such a worthy benefit for the British film community."

    The only question for the future is how long it will take for Hollywood royalty get it together to give an award to "Austin Powers"?

  • Channel Four has decided to shut down its film production and distribution company, FilmFour, and this is sad news for dedicated filmmakers and all those with discerning eyes toward cinema. Filmfour has supported such notable films in the past as "The Crying Game", "Nothing Personal", The Disappearance of Finbarr", "Dancing at Lughnasa" and "East is East."

  • Want a gander at the first footage from X-Men 2, which premiered at the San Diego Comicon! (Be aware that X-Men 3 has also wrapped, so lots of treats are in store for the future.) Check it out!

  • Shooting has begun in Los Angeles on Ridley Scott's latest film "Matchstick Men" starring Nicolas Cage, Alison Lohman and (yeah! yeah!) Sam Rockwell.

  • Tim Burton has been approached about directing the Broadway stage version of "Batman" and reports lead us to believe he has accepted the offer. That should lead to some sultry dark evenings hanging around Gotham. But will it really erase crime from the streets of the Square? Father Duffy better keep an eye open for the bat shit.

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