Selected for screenings of the new IMAX "Fantasia 2000"


  • Rotterdam is one of the 11 cities worldwide that has been selected for screenings of the new IMAX "Fantasia 2000," the sequel to Disney's film "Fantasia" from more than 50 years ago. It is a sight to behold and should not be missed. So, hurry to the nearest IMAX (of the 11) near you and enjoy. It will only be shown on the gigantic screen for three months, so hurry even faster. Bring the kids; bring grandma and grandpa; hell, bring everybody. You're bound to have fun. I did.
  • "Kruimeltje", the Dutch film released at Christmas, is well on its way to reaching the one millionth visitor mark (see: The Green Hartnett review). It looks like it will surpass it's predecessor, "Abeltje", which took 5 months to reach that position last year. Good work, kids!
  • The story goes that André Hazes, the Dutch singer whose life during a period of 2 years was recently documented by director John Appel (see December 1999 Green Hartnett Buzz), recently threatened the life of another passenger aboard the same airplane as Hazes and his son. It seems that the child, who didn't want to sit next to his father, kept complaining to the utter annoyance of his father and at least one other passenger. When the passenger had reached the limit, he hit the boy with a newspaper and this unleased the fury of the singer. The recent film, which already enjoys large Dutch audiences, will probably receive another boost from this incident.
  • We bid a fond farewell to the Cinema Theatre in Amsterdam- West which has closed its doors forever. Although it has suffered from neighborhood problems most recently in the form of juvenile deliinquents, the houses have been dwindling for some time. A great pity, considering that it had one of the better screens available in Amsterdam (which are few and far between). Now it will be with forced anticipation that everyone awaits the opening of the new Pathé multi-plex near the Arena stadium outside the city center which promises to be a vision to behold and is scheduled to open its doors on April 1st this year. Curious date for an opening.
  • "The The" will be appearing in concert at the Melkweg in Amsterdam on the 21st of January. Unfortunately, the show is sold out. Rumors of a second concert at the Paradiso in March seem to be felaneous. Any complaints about the less-than-on- top-of-it-untimely-advertising re Dutch concerts, address all complaints directly to the Melkweg. Looks like standing outside, if you really dig it.
  • Bond is still big in Amsterdam. During the first five weeks of distribution for "The World is not Enough" in Holland, more than 760,000 Dutch viewers have gone to seen the film, bringing in a grand total of 117 million guilders at the box office. That is more money than James had in his new super-deluxe silver- metal specially designed double-chambered Samsonite attaché case. Or is it?
  • "The Talented Mr. Ripley" also proves to be a very entertaining man as well. More about him in the up and coming review.
  • Well, folks, we made it to the new millennium. Bet you can't wait for the next one.

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