Pierre Henry merges with Walter Ruttman

May 2000

  • Fancy yourself a "doppelganger" for Keanu or Lawrence as they lithely spin their way through "The Matrix"? Then you might be interested in checking out the new M-glasses. Remember them, dudes and dudinas? Check it out yourself: they're now virtually available in the real world. Further info at: www.m-glasses.com

  • Peter Sellars gave an interesting lecture for a gathering of film professionals in Holland. It seems that the innovative director has been invited to spend two years in Australia where he is organizing the Adelaide Festival and will be responsible for overseeing the production of 6 feature length films made by residents of third world countries.
  • The Pathé ArenA Gala Opening took place earlier than the workmen could get the building finished. The impressive stature of the building and striking glass wall were hampered in making a complete impression by the plastic sheets and building materials that were still in attendance. Opening night fireworks even managed to make some of these hangings catch fire. Not to worry, they managed to extinguish it very quickly and those present washed away the frantic moment with a beverage. Although the doors are now open to the public, the building, which houses among its 14 screens the largest cinema built in Holland to date, may not allow the rooster to crow for a few weeks yet. It is, nevertheless, an impressive building with very modern technical facilities.
  • Cannes goes on for its 53rd run. More info? Check out www.indiewire.com/cannes/
  • "The The" breezed through Amsterdam again last month for a concert at the Paradiso. Still going strong. The red lights make you feel like you're in the intimate space of a dark bar while you watch their enervating, enjoyable and downright sexy show.
  • "Berlin 2000," a series of presentations centering around new films and filmmakers from Berlin, began its screenings on April 19th at the Goethe Institute in Amsterdam and will continue until June 7th. The remaining lectures and films (with attendant dates) are: J.M. Bordewijk speaking about "Berlin in the Film" (May 10th), short student films from the German Film & Television Academy (May 17th), "Nach dem Spiel" (May 24th), "Plus-Minus Null" (May 30th), and "Nachtgestalten" (June 2nd).
  • Kurt Schwitters exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam until August 6th. Unfortunately, there are none of his sound connected pieces, but the collage and assemblage work on display is striking. Well worth a visit.
  • Also at the Goethe Institute this month (May 27th, 8 P.M.) is a showing of Walter Ruttman's cinematic classic "Berlin - die Sinfonie der Großstadt" (1927) with Pierre Henry's cine-sound composition "La Ville. Die Stadt - Metropolis Paris" (1984) (WER 6301-2/CD). Both pieces were created separately and through the cooperative work of composer Henry with the WDR (initiated by Klaus Schoening) have been brought together as an exciting composition (in which neither usurps the forefront. An exhilarating experience for all those interesting the melting of visuals and sounds, this experiment where separate works deftly accompany each other has produced a result fascinating in its interaction. An impressive acoustical interpretation with dynamic expressionism of the silent film about hectic lifestyle in 20's Berlin.
  • The 41st Clio Awards for advertising and design industry will take place in New York from May 22nd until 26th.

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