Planet Hollywood Amsterdam

November 1996

Yes, Planet Hollywood Amsterdam has opened its doors. In fact, the public was already enjoying the food before the building was completely finished. In this way, they were treated to the extra enjoyment of viewing the workmen soldering metal framework ledges outside the windows (perhaps this was meant as some obscure homage to 'Cliffhanger?' I think not.) In any case, the location was sufficiently prepared to serve as one of the spots broadcasting election night (the 'shoot-out between Bill and Bob' -- How Hollywood!), during which it was pointed out that Clinton's past achievements included raising his home- state-level from the 50th worst educated state to the 49th. Who can tell what the future might hold in store? Especially with all those Republicans breathing down his neck.

Michael Jackson was in town for three concerts at the Amsterdam Arena . He stayed at the Grand Hotel (which was previously the Amsterdam City Hall) and had lots of young fans sleeping nearby in the streets hoping to get a glimpse of their idol. Shying away from the crowds, he did manage to visit a local video shop and rent a copy of Il Ladro di Bambini for a bit of enjoyment during those quiet nights indoors between shows.

Composer Carl Davis begins a short tour of the Netherlands this month conducting the Northern Netherlands Orchestra for three performances of Griffith's unforgettable saga Intolerance.

The Power of Culture Festival in the Netherlands this month includes two showings of Tigrero, a film that was never made, a film about Sam Fuller, Jim Jarmusch and the Karaji indians directed by Mika Kaurismaki.

Tim Burton's new film Mars Attacks is due to be released in the Netherlands at the end of January. I don't know about you other Burton fans out there, but I can hardly wait.

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