Isabella Rosellini is in Amsterdam

April and March 1997

April 1997
-Isabella Rosellini is in Amsterdam to begin shooting on Jeroen Krabbé's directing debut Left Luggage. According to Miss Iz, although she thinks the script is wonderful and is sure that Jeroen will make a wonderful director, she didn't want to play the role when she was first approached a year ago. Having been raised as a Roman Catholic, she felt that playing the role of a Hassidic Jew would perhaps be too much of a stretch. Mazzeltov! Jeroen's new beard makes it look as if he'll have less of a problem. One can only wonder what will become of Left Luggage. Let's just hope it doesn't turn out to be Old Baggage. Scheduled for release in the Spring of '98, this Shooting Star Production also stars Marianne Sagebrecht (of Bagdad Cafe and Sugarbaby), Laura Fraser, Antonie Kamerling, and Dora van der Groen. Situated in 70's Belgium, it is the story of a philosophy student (Fraser) who, unable to endure the complicated relationship she has with her parents (Sagebrecht and Goudsmit) any longer, leaves for her politically involved boyfriend (Kamerling) and goes to work as a nanny in the home of an orthodox Jewish family (Krabbé and Rossellini). A whole new Hassidic world opens up before her as she travels through her rites of passage. By the way, the title comes from the two suitcases that her father, a concentration camp survivor, buried during the war. He wants to dig them up in an attempt to reclaim the past while the mother, another survivor, would prefer to forget the past.

-Kevin Costner has begun shooting for his lead role in The Postman. Ding dong?

-Find out if Schwarzenegger is frigid as he joins a poisonous Uma alongside the Gotham group (with George Clooney under the mask this time around). Further details, until the Green Hartnett's review for Batman & Robin is available, can be retrieved @ www.batman.com and the associated websites.

-Here in Holland, I'm still grabbing my spray can tight and waiting for the premiere of Joe's Apartment. Maybe I've been away from New York for too long.

-Hail, Hale-Bopp! Wondering who will be the first on the tail to make the first film version? And whether containers will be included in the tie-in merchandising?

-The Green Goddesses for 1996 will be listed soon. Is everybody ready?

March 1997
-The 24th of the March is the moment for the stars in the galaxy to don their black ties and gowns. Yes, the Oscars® will be handed out once again. And remember, when the Oscars® are offered the Green Goddess cannot be far behind.

-Interesting quotes: Michael Biehn, star of Asteroid, said, during an interview, "I'm not too worried about getting hit by an asteroid, but people say it could happen."

-Sonja Barend, Dutch talk show host, treated potential viewers during a teaser to one of her TV programs last month with the following statement, "Parents who kill their children. Should the press and television keep their mouths shut about such a topic. We'll be discussing that tonight in our show."

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