Do cinematic blow-jobs ring bells?

August 1997

Do cinematic blow-jobs, shit-eating, and chicken-fucking accompanied by the sound of singing anuses ring bells for some of you out there? Last April, ten cities throughout America re-released John Waters' first eye-catching, attention-making, and stomach-turning film Pink Flamingos. (One wonders when and if the new release will reach Europe.) Some of those involved with the making of the cult classic are now listed among the dear departed; most notably the flamboyant Divine and the tasteful Edith Massey. Recently uncovered (by Mr. Waters) material, including Divine devouring a human ear and Edith's face being smeared with eggs, has been added at the end of the film with a running commentary by Waters himself. I wonder if anyone is turning over in their grave, or is that another film? Waters next project is titled Pecker. The oeuvre grows.

-Glenne Headly appearing with Jennifer Jason Leigh in Bastard Out of Carolina directed by Anjelica Huston is a production for Showtime. The teaming of these three should definitely be something to see.

-The Hitchcock Festival at the Dutch Film Museum included many of the suspense master's major as well as minor films (including The Lodger - a story of the London fog, Juno and the Paycock and the 1934 version of The Man Who Knew Too Much, but missed the opportunity to project such oddities as The Pleasure Garden (his first film), Champagne , The Skin Game, and that unforgettable feature with Tallulah, Lifeboat.

-Polygram arranged what seemed to be an endless line of Mini-Coopers along the highway heading toward Utrecht in order to celebrate a special preview of Bean

- The Ultimate Disaster Movie at the annual Megafestatie. No problems with road rage because you can't help but laugh at the guy.

-Crow trading cards produced by Kitchen Sink Press, exclusively for Advance Comics, are now available for collectors who want to enhance and prolong their enjoyment of the Crow film features. Crow: City of Angels (a visual treat with great music) is coming to Holland soon.

-the IBC (International Broadcast Conference will be taking place once again in its 1997 version at the Amsterdam RAI International Exhibition and Congress Center from September 12th to 16th. World wide exhibitors with fascinating demonstrations on the latest equipment keep this one of the most interesting and informative conferences around. More information available at website http://www.ibc.org.uk/ibc/

-the 17th Annual Dutch Film Festival opens in Utrecht on September 24th and runs until October 3rd. The notable achievement in a specific category award this year will be given for achievement in the field of Art Direction. This rotating prize reaches the same category once every 6 years (other categories being montage, camera, sound, scenario, and music), which presumably means that if someone does something really spectacular in their field, they may have to wait that long for such recognition.

-For those of you lucky enough to be in New York City between July 4th and August 28th, you'll find it's really time to wave your flags and celebrate the fabulous festival of B-movies at the Film Forum (209 W. Houston St.) which includes such treats as the sexually repressed, iron- pumping Sal Mineo stalking nightclub hostess Juliet Prowse in Who Killed Teddy Bear?

-the 24th International Film Festival of Flanders will be held in Gent, Belgium between October 7th and 18th. The program this year includes 140 feature films and approximately 30 short films. More about this event will be discussed in September's Buzz, but, for those of you who can't wait, it is always possible to access the full details at the festival website
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