Yeah, Zoyd!

April 1998

  • The new, exciting, electric, and eclectic soundtracks for silent film classics created by Art Zoyd, contemporary music group and masters of psychological tone thrills, will be performed live in Amsterdam this month. Their scores for Murnau's "Nosferatu" and Christensen's "Haxan" will be performed on-stage at the Muziektheater in accompaniment to the screenings which, respectively, take place on April 11th and 12th at 8:30 P.M. For the uninitiated, let me warn you, this is a MUST SEE AND HEAR. Yeah, Zoyd!

  • Oscar® news may sail the seven seas to tell the Titanic didn't sink this year, but also didn't manage to break (merely equalling) the "Ben Hur" record of 12 Academy Awards® for a film. The Dutch have won the Best Foreign Language Oscar® for Mike van Diem's directorial debut "Character" (Karakter), which award will undoubtedly have an effect on the audience numbers for the American release of the film which takes place in the same week as the ceremonies.

  • The Weekend of Terror .
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    Design: Vincent van Goethem.'

    The Weekend of Terror will be celebrating its 14th year at midnight on the 3rd and 4th of April at the Tuschinski Theater in Amsterdam. Included, for all you ghoulish freaks, this time around will be SPAWN, DARKLANDS, DARK CITY, BLACK MASK, WARRIORS OF VIRTUE, DEEP RISING, PROPHECY II, PHANTOMS, FULL TILT BOOGIE and, of course, the annual "surprise" film. The crowd has gotten a little out of hand since the first two or three years at the (recently demolished) Alhambra Theater and increased security measures will be implemented, including a thorough inspection at the door for anything which could be of potential danger to the monumental art deco premises. (Was it really necessary, guys, to throw all those toilet rolls and paper towels down from the balcony?) Further information about the upcoming event is available on website www.weekendofterror.nl

  • As the Q's dearly beloved Amsterdam awaits the May 20th premiere of the new Mr. T jewel of Ms. Jackie, there will be a series of Pam Grier-blaxploitation-nights taking place in chosen locations throughout the lowlands on the 24th & 25th of April as well as on the 1st & 2nd of May; screening a couple of Miss Grier's films from the 70's to pacify all of you admirers who can't wait to lick your chops at the newest striking performance of the shady lady with the spitfire brain and cool control.

  • Fred Friendly, a giant of the television journalism industry and a man whose ethics were incredibly respected, has left this earth a sorrier place for his absence. In a time when admirable standards and sturdy ideals have been supplanted by greed and sensation seeking, a man like this is badly needed. Most who knew him would have to admit that, although he may have riled them sometimes, his objectives were never questionable.

  • The Edison Awards will be announced April 23rd on the Dutch television network RTL4. Among those nominated in the category for Best Dutch Female Singer is Matilde Santing for her recording of "Matilde, Matilde." All will be revealed those watching their sets.

  • What came first, the music or the film? This question will be pondered between members of the Dutch Film and Television Academy as well as the ASKO ensemble at the Paradiso on April 7th as well as on the 8th at the Tilburg Concert Hall (in Tilburg, Holland, of course). Reservations and info at AUB tel. # 020-6211211.

  • The Balie Cinema will be showing that adorable film "Marquis" from the creative mind and talented hand of the dear departed Roland Topor, who left us all approximately one year ago. It is a charming piece (depending on your tastes and sensibilities) in which a puppet Marquis de Sade philosophizes in the Bastille with his oversized penis. (What else can one do so alone and isolated?)

  • "Movie Day" (oftewel Bioscoopdag) has become an annual event in Holland. Many of the theatres offer entrance on this day for 5 guilders. You can't beat that price unless you have a time machine. (I suspect that cinemas showing "Titanic" will be overflowing, so anyone intending to go see it (again?) had better be an early bird on the day if they want to get a ticket.

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