Dutch Film Festival nears


  • Grolsch Film Award Day coming up on the 26th of September at the Dutch Film Festival. The Festival itself will be taking place, as usual, in Utrecht and the dates will be from the 23rd of September and runs until the 2nd of October.
  • Stretching from July 11th of this year until January 29th "The All-Night Horror Show Part 6" will be traveling throughout Holland for those special late-Friday-night, early-Saturday-morning thrills for all you thirsty bloodsuckers . Presented in 3 blocks of 4 films, the evening includes such trick or treats as Phantoms, Deep Rising, Progeny, Office Killer, and (how suitable for Holland) Nightwatch. Having begun its tour in Hollywoud Woudrichem it will stretch its tentacles until it reaches De Kolk in Assen for the final show. Amsterdam is scheduled for October 17th at the City theater.

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