White House plot lines "wag my lips"


  • Regarding the successful, enjoyable and seemingly prophetic (to whatever extent) productions of Wag the Dog and Primary Colors, not to forget The President's Girlfriend, one can only wonder if Hollywood has considered the possibility of a new and fascinating feature titled Wag My Lips. It could blow the lid off the White House (so to speak).
  • The 16th World Wide Video Festival starts in Amsterdam on September 17th and lasts until Sept 21st, taking place at various locations in the city. Videoproductions, performances, installations, web-sites, CD-ROMs, seminars, and lectures will all be taking place and anyone interested in seeing it all is advised to purchase a reasonably priced week pass (bring a passport photo) which gives entrance to all events during the week. High point of the festival is likely to be the exhibition of media artist Bill Viola's work which will be on display at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam from September 12th till November 8th. This retrospective, which has been set up by David Ross and Peter Sellars, is a touring exhibition which contains some twenty installations.
  • Also making its premiere appearance in Amsterdam is the 16th World Wide Video Festival. This should prove to be an exciting event, having moved its venue(s) for the first time from Rotterdam to Amsterdam, and the buzz is bound to travel quickly through the city (and further, natch).. Lots to look forward to in oh so many places. The city boasts a presentation of new media art from 23 countries for the event. One example among many is the exciting "Brandon," a cyberspace creation conceived and directed by the ebullient Shu Lea Cheang and based upon the murder of a real woman who lived as a man who here becomes a protagonist in a project on the mixed borders between male and female gender in the real as well as virtual world and the consequences thereof. A live hook-up with the SoHo Guggenheim will also take place during one of the evenings at the surgeon's operating theater (Theatrum Anatomicum) in the Newmarkt Waag building, scene of the installation. Yes, girls and boys, there's another world just beyond your fingertips. Access available until May of 99 @ http://brandon.guggenheim.org
  • The IBC (International Broadcasting Convention) for broadcasting and graphic professionals will be in the Amsterdam RAI from September 11th till 18th. Among the many visual treats and mind boggling experiences on display will be the free test drive of MAYA, the 3D animation and 2D compositing software available from Alias/Wavefront which creates some of those fantastic FX you enjoy lately in your favorite movies.
  • The Dutch Film Festival begins in Utrecht at the Winkel van Sinkel (no, I'm not kidding) on the 23rd of September and runs until the 2nd of October. A chance to catch up on the latest of the Lowland silver-scene as well as floating up some of the past tricolor flicks. Among the fringe events will be The Day of the Scenario," held under the auspices of the "Maurits Binger Institute" and "Network for Scenario Writers VvL," during which a scene will be chosen to be filmed by Jean van de Velde with two well known Dutch actors. Those interested in participating are requested to submit manuscripts before September 14th. Further info available at website www.mbi.ahk.nl Good luck!
  • A seminar on "Scenario Writing for Documentaries" given by Henk Suer (author of the book Writing Scenarios for Documentaries) will begin on October 9th, but a 2-page synopsis must be submitted before September 18th along with an application form and c.v. in order to request admission to the course. The number of participants will be limited to 10 and the group gatherings will be taking place on Friday mornings between October and February of next year. Further info @ telephone # 020-6234296 in Amsterdam.
  • On the bad side in Holland, the Alfa movie theaters (art houses) have been forced to make their departure from the cinema chain of Pathe theaters (allegedly due to a too steep increase in rent for the building -- although one wonders). On the good side, the equipment is to be utilized by Marc van Warmerdam, film producer and brother of director Alex, for his new cinema in the Westergasfabriek specialized in the showing of "product Hollandaise."
  • Visconti's Ludwig will be showing each evening in it's full 246 minute version at the Dutch Film Museum from the 3rd till the 10th of September (and twice on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays). How decadent!
  • Moviezone begins its second season on September 11th and lasts until June of 1999. During this time younger viewers (up to the age of 25) will have the chance at a greatly reduced ticket price to visit cinemas on Friday afternoons in 16 Dutch cities and see some of the more exciting and interesting films of modern times. More info@www.moviezone.nl

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