Kenneth Anger, a Hitler Youth's


  • From the 23rd till the 27th of December, the Balie theatre on the Leidseplein in Amsterdam will be showing a Kenneth Anger panorama of films (with some works from Genet, Cocteau, and a few others thrown in for good measure) under the title of "Sacred and Criminal." The Babylonian Master himself will be present on Boxing Day for a discussion following the world premiere of his latest creation ""I Will! A Hitler Youth's Dream." Merry Christmas, boys.
  • Pieter Dirk Uys, the South African comedian and political activist best known for his character Evita Bezuidenhout, will be making two special appearances (in two separate shows: his latest one- man show "Going Down Gorgeous" and "Evita Bezuidenhout and the Cheese Head Sailors") at the New De La Mar Theater in Amsterdam on the 6th and 7th of this month, as well as the kick-off for appearances in several other countries, in order to collect funds for his/her special election train that will be touring next Summer throughout South Africa to bring a message of democracy and inform the nation's people about the importance of voting. Not only a good cause, but so well dressed.
  • On a lighter note, Andy Borowitz (the creator, along with his sister, of the TV series "Fresh Prince of Bel Air") will be in Amsterdam at the Maurits Binger Institute on the 1st of the month to give a lecture on "Dialogue in a Visual Medium."
  • Jim Jarmusch's "Year of the Horse," a fascinating film with and about Neil Young and resulting from Jarmusch's fascination with him, will finally be getting a decent, lengthy showing at the Dutch Film Museum this month. It's good to see Neil again and it will bring all those people up to date who wither don't know him yet or have lost touch with his development since those good old "Harvest" days.
  • Zorro, in the form of D. Fairbanks, will also be appearing at the Film Museum this month. Performing as well in many of his other classics. Check schedule for further info.
  • Michael Radford, director of "Il Postino" (which will be projected) and "White Mischief," will be at the Maurits Binger Institute on December 13th to discuss his work with those in attendance.

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