Switched on?


  • "Channels USA" in the Melkweg in Amsterdam. July 3rd at 20:30. Thematic evening with multi-disciplines. Human beings, barcode, dept, p.a.r.k. t.v.
    >>>>>> installations, beaming, djs, spokenword, internet art, theater
    >>>>>>>> know what I mean?
  • End examination films VAV 1999 from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. Opening Friday July 2nd from 4 P.M. till 9:30 at the screening room on the Fred Roeskestraat 96 in Amsterdam.
  • The American Adventures Festival continues around the Stedelijk Museum on the Museum Square in Amsterdam from June 19th until July 4th ,naturally. The annex building is adorned to look like a giant flag and wearing red, white, and blue will not be amiss (remember, it's both American and Dutch). Concerts, shows, and activities are spread throughout the city. Closing evening (July 4th) includes an open-air concert in the Vondelpark, whether the weather should havppen to be agreeable or not.
  • Milva, the fabulous Israeli singer, famous for her renditions of Brecht, will be appearing in an evening of Tango music from Astor Piazzoli in the Amsterdam municipal theatre on the 23rd and 24th of July. The tango king composed six songs for the red-haired diva in the 60's and she has maintained her relationship with his work since that time. She may be getting up in years, but the energy she emanates remains vibrant. Who do you know that can tango like that? Ole!

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