A Note or Two

(June 2001)

  • The annual publication of the "Filmjaarboek" has reached the bookstores once again, this time covering all films distributed in Holland during the period 2000.

  • "A Labyrinth of Images" is the title of a retrospective of the documentary filmmaker Frank Scheffer included in this year's Holland Festival. His work will be screened at the Cinema De Balie (June 8th to 14th) and Nederlands Filmmuseum (June 14th to 27th) in Amsterdam. Scheffer's work moves with the laws of chance and undulates according to the musical composition techniques it covers. Noted composers as John Cage, Luciano Berio, and Brian Eno are among the major figures traveling throughout this interesting director's work. Two new films, "In The Ocean" and "A Labyrinth of Time" will be making their premiere during the Festival.

    A special evening for the screening of this last film about the composer (Elliot Carter) will take place at the Stadsschouwburg on June 19th simultaneously with a live presentation by two orchestral groups of Carter's work.

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