Duck-Billed Dinosaur Airlifted...

(August 2001)

  • The 21st annual Nederlands Film Festival will take place in Utrecht this year between September 19th and 28th. Opening film this year is Martin Koolhoven's "De Grot" ("The Grotto"). Actress Renee Soutendijk is Guest of the Year and a selection of her past work (including Paul Verhoeven's "De 4e Man" ("The Fourth Man"), Wim Verstappen's "Pastorale '41" ("Pastorale 1941"), and Ben Verbong's fascinating "Het Meisje Met Rooie Haar" ("The Girl With The Red Hair") will be screened. German director Tom Twyker, known for such films as "Lola rennt" ("Lola runs") and "Winterschlafer" ("Winter Sleepers") is scheduled to deliver a lecture about "the Position and Viability of Film in the Present Day". Ineke Smits directorial debut "Magonia", based upon the stories of Arthur Japin, will also enjoy its Dutch premiere during this year's festival. More info available at: www.filmfestival.nl.

  • Paleontologists working in the Rocky Mountain region of Jordan, Montana, unearthed the remains of two giant dinosaurs: the world's largest Tyrannosaurus Rex as well as what is believed to be the largest duck-billed dinosaur yet discovered in North America. Both the T-Rex and the duckbill would have measured approximately 45 feet in length. These specimens, along with fossilized trees and sediments, have been airlifted from the dig site to the Montana State University Museum of the Rockies, located in Bozeman. This discovery occurred only two days before the American opening of "Jurassic Park III". It's incredible the lengths to which some film production companies will go for their advertising!

  • It looks as if the re-opening of the Tuschinski Theatre, one of the most attractive buildings in the city of Amsterdam, will be delayed for some months past its originally scheduled date later this year. During the renovation process of this art-deco monument, several forgotten ceiling paintings were unexpectedly discovered and have demanded extra time for proper restoration, forcing the anticipated opening to the spring of next year.

  • IDFA, the International Documentary Film Festival of Amsterdam, will take place this year from November 22nd through December 2nd. The three-day Forum will take place November 26th through 28th. "Docs for Sale" runs from November 23rd through November 30th. Deadline for submissions from professionals for the festival is October 1st. Check it out at: www.idfa.nl.

  • Mulholland Pictures production of Harry Mulisch's "The Discovery of Heaven" directed by Jeroen Krabbé (who stars in it alongside Stephen Fry) has enjoyed its first press screening in Holland and is due for release this coming October.

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