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Quick, Duck! Here Comes That Flying Ping-Pong Ball Again!!!!!!!!!!!!

(May 2002)

House Of Wax
directed by: André de Toth
USA 1953
starring Vincent Price, Phyllis Kirk, and Carolyn Jones
(c) Warner Bros.
3D Cinema
photo courtesy Netherlands FilmMuseum

Kiss Me Kate
directed by: George Sidney
USA, 1953
starring Kathryn Grayson, Howard Keel, and Ann Miller
(c) Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
3D Cinema
photo courtesy Netherlands FilmMuseum

  • Get your glasses ready! A place in the world of film where things seem even more real than they usually do! >>> 3D is back. The Netherlands Filmmuseum of Amsterdam begins a 3D festival on May 2nd that runs until May 22nd. This museum has once before thrilled packed houses (four years ago) to the tantalizing treat of 3D gems. On offer this time, keeping different titles coming for eye-popping screenings, are "Kiss Me Kate" (along with the cartoon "Lumberjack Rabbit"), "Amityville", "Friday the 13th, Part 3", "Jaws 3-D", "The Man Who Wasn't There" (not the Coen brothers film), and "Emmanuelle 4" (yes, boys, they're real!) as well as the old favorites "House of Wax" and "Dial M for Murder." For further information and dates: www.filmmuseum.nl .
  • The Abbey Theatre in Durango, Colorado screened "The Earth Will Swallow You" on the 18th and 19th of last month. Sorry we didn't inform you on time, but ("GULP!") we were too busy dishing up the warm Asian specialities on the menu for the Fantastic Film Festival in Amsterdam.
  • Digna Sinke's latest film, "Tiengemeten - Part 1", refers to a beautiful island south of Rotterdam in Holland and it follows the development of plans since 1996 concerning the future of this landscape. With an eye toward returning this spot to its original, natural form, five farmers have agreed to move away from the island and leave their former homes behind. One farmer, however, still remains there on his homestead and so the future destination of the island remains unsure. This film will be screened for the "DocuZone" festival throughout Holland from May 2nd to May 6th. Included amongst the dates are screenings in Amsterdam's Kriterion (May 5th and 8th), The Hague Filmhuis (May 2nd and 5th), and Rotterdam's Lantaren/Venster (May 2nd and 5th). Further information on the site for the "Docuzone" festival.
  • Beginning as a theatre animal, Christophe Coppens has managed to establish his name as director as well as set and costume designer. His renowned collection of hats is the result of a 10-year process that began when he started designing them for one of his productions. Early in 2001 an exhibition containing seven doll's houses under the title of "The Dollhouse - Life and Death in the Dollhouse" was exhibited at the Charlier Museum in Brussels. The stories, atmospheres and decors found in these miniscule spaces vary as one's eye travels along the numerous rooms of the edifices. His latest exhibition, "Dollhouse II - Life goes on", is both a sequel and extension of the previous show and it will be on view at De Brakke Grond (Vlaams Cultuurhuis) in Amsterdam from Tuesday, May 14th till Sunday, August 26th.
  • On May 5th and 6th the Netherlands Filmmuseum will be screening the German expressionistic classic "Das Kabinett des Dr. Caligari" with live accompaniment by the German experimental-electronic duo "Interzone Perceptible" (consisting of Matthias Hetmer and Sven Hermann).
  • "Joris Ivens" continues this month in Ithaca, Cleveland, and Chicago.
  • Dial M for Murder
    directed by: Alfred Hitchcock
    USA, 1954
    starring Ray Milland, Grace Kelly, and Robert Cummings
    (c) Warner Bros.
    photo courtesy Netherlands FilmMuseum

  • As the 75th birthday of writer Harry Mulisch closes in, publication of Christoph Buchwald's book, "De Hond en de Duitse Ziel" ("The Dog and the German Soul") will be celebrated with a discussion between the two authors at the Goethe Institute in Amsterdam on May 16th at 8 P.M. Mulisch, who has penned such novels as the "De Aanslag" ("The Assault" - Best Foreign Language Oscar-winning, 1986), and, more recently, "The Discovery of Heaven" (filmed in 2001), was born in Haarlem, Holland, to an Austrian father and a Jewish mother. Buchwald's work is the result of extensive interviews with Mulisch discussing the Dutch writer's obsession with the Third Reich, his system of esthetics and method of working, his interest in metaphysics and kabbala, and, of course, his intimate connection to German culture.
  • Although "Into the Arms of Strangers" is being released directly on DVD by Warner Home Video in Holland, skipping the usual theatrical release, there will be three opportunities to see it on a larger screen at the Netherlands Filmmuseum in Amsterdam on May 1st, 2nd, and 4th (Memorial Day in Holland). Mark Jonathan Harris' moving documentary, which involves the plight of children being transported to safety directly before the outbreak of World War II, is well worth a view. The story revolves around a mission to save tens of thousands of sons and daughters from the Nazis. Voiced through the stories of twelve of the surviving children, as well as two parents and a number of volunteers for the mission, this tragic story records the desperate choices that parents felt forced to make in order to insure their children's future safety.
  • A moment of silence and fond memory for the magic man Josef Svoboda, who was buried in Prague on April 16th. Founder of the Laterna Magica, this man also influenced the world of theatre with his endless breathtaking creations and designs.
  • "Kitchen Confidential" will mark the rejoining of Brad Pitt with David Fincher under the title of "Seared" based on the novel by Anthony Bourdain about experiences working in New York's upper class eateries. Pitt plays an employee who beds a food critic. With both Fincher and Pitt at work again, could this be a case of "another helping, please"?

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