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Faust Hits Dutch Capital with Music and Dance /
After the Fall in New York

(September 2004)

  • Golden calf
    Yes, folks that major Dutch Film Event of the year is about to take over the city of Utrecht once again, where the stars struggle to get their hands on the "Calves". The 24th edition of the Netherlands Film Festival will take place between Wednesday, September 22nd and Friday, October 1st. Here is a selection from some of the events on offer, but a fuller overview is available at www.filmfestival.nl .

  • Dutch director and ex-intendant Jean van de Velde, noted for such feature films as "All Stars" and "Lek" will be NFF's "Guest of the Year" for 2004. Van de Velde will be present at the screenings for many of his films and, further, lead a five-part "masterclass scenario" workshop. Paul Verhoeven, Nico Crama and the Dutch Child Stars have been chosen to be "In The Picture" (see below). Theo Maassen has chosen his seven favorite Dutch films for screening during the festival (which include George Sluizer's memorable "Spoorloos"). The festival commences on Wednesday, September 22nd in eight cinemas with the premiere of Eddy Terstall's latest film "Simon". Other premiers during the festival include Pieter Kramer's "Ellis in Glamourland" (starring Linda de Mol) and ten new short films presented within the framework of the Filmfonds- and NPS-project "Kort!" ("Short!").

  • The number of festival venues, such as the familiar Festival pavilion on the Neude, the Utrecht Municipal Theatre (Stadsschouwburg), Filmtheater 't Hoogt, Rembrandt Theater, Camera/Studio, Hotel Karel V, and Theater Kikker, will be further expanded this year with the addition of Utrecht's' newest cinema multiplex, the Louis Hartlooper Complex,..

  • In the Picture - Nico Crama
    On Thursday, September 23rd, at 4 PM, Nico Crama will be present for a festive screening of films he has produced during his many years in the industry. An interview with Crama, organized between the NFF and the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Image, will follow, hosted by Patrick van Mil, at 6 PM in the Festival Pavilion.

  • In the Picture - Paul Verhoeven
    The bad boy is back from America showing his wares from both sides of the ocean. ("Basic Instinct", "Flesh and Blood", "Robocop", "Showgirls", "Spetters", "Starship Troopers" and "De Vierde Man" will all be screened). An interview with Verhoeven is planned for Friday, September 24th at 6 PM in the Festival pavilion.

  • Hommage Wim Verstappen
    In homage to Wim Verstappen, who died recently (see TGH buzz August 2004) the festival will screen a number of his films, including "De minder gelukkige terugkeer van Joszef Katus naar het land van Rembrandt", "Blue Movie", and "Alicia". There will also be a special invitation-only screening of " Pastorale 1943" organized for friends and colleagues.

  • The Choice of Theo Maassen
    Cabaret performer and actor Theo Maassen has chosen his seven favorite films: "Abel", "Bij de beesten af", "Martijn en de magier", "De Poolse Bruid", "Spoorloos", "Van God Los" and "Wilde Mossels". Following these screenings, he will discuss the films with actors and directors who are associated for them. Daily at 7.30 PM (Saturday at 4 PM) in the Rembrandt Theater.

  • Variety Cinema Militants lecture
    The prestigious lecture delivered annually by a noted figure from the international film world (whose name will be released at a later date) is scheduled for Sunday, September 26th at 5:30 PM in the Academiegebouw.

  • Camera Special
    A two-day seminar focuses on the craft of camerawork and the cultural differences reflected in both imaging and technological development. Organized in coordination with the NSC (the Netherlands Society for Cinematographers). Intended for professionals, film students and producers*. Thursday, Sept. 23rd and Friday, Sept. 24th in Hoogt1.
    *NB - For the general public interested in the specialization of camerawork, there is a Camera College with Rolf Dekens (cameraman for "Vet Hard!") scheduled for Saturday, September 25th at 4 PM in the Festival pavilion.

  • Round Table
    Jan Heijs, noted journalist and co-creator of the Dutch Filmkrant, will host four separate discussions with film directors about their work. The sessions, all taking place between 6 PM and 7 PM in the Theater Kikker, are divided according into the following categories:
    • Feature film - Saturday, September 25th
    • Short film - Sunday, September 26th
    • TV drama - Monday, September 27th
    • Documentary - Tuesday, September 28th

  • Nighttime Talkshows
    Host Matthijs van Nieuwkerk receives directors, actors, and other filmmakers at the NFF talkshows, which take place in the Festival pavilion each night at 10:30 PM.
    Those who are still standing up at this hour may enjoy them.

  • The 61st Venice International Film Festival opens its doors earlier in the month, running from September 1st through 11th. Included among the films being screened this year are Steven Spielberg's "The Terminal" (openingsfilm), Jonathan Demme's "The Manchurian Candidate" with Meryl Streep, "Shark Tale", and "Man on Fire." Numbered among the jury members this year is the enchanting, young, up and (still) coming Scarlett Johansson. Having spent half her life in the film business already (incredible as that may seem), it's no wonder that she's scored so highly with two great roles and now takes her place between the honored panel. One can only imagine what the future holds in store. Venice Film Festival

  • September 2004 will also, undoubtedly be remembered as the month that the Netherlands Filmmuseum began a solid schedule of screening Dutch films from past decades. At 11:30 AM every third Sunday of the month a Dutch film from yonder years will be screened and accompanied with either an introduction, a commentary or a discussion. (The feature will be re-screened during the week or weekend that ensues, but, alas, without the extras.) So, keep on top of the schedule; the early bird catches the flick. www.filmfestival.nl

  • "Dutch Silent Cinema" encompasses a series of films with newly composed scores to be screened from September 8th through 25th at the Netherlands Filmmuseum in Amsterdam. The museum is taking this opportunity to celebrate a number of the choices selected after years of visiting cinematheeks and film libraries around the globe. Further information available at: www.filmfestival.nl/dutchsilentcinema

  • "Main hoon na" is one of the latest films to show how accessible the Bollywood film industry has become during the past few years. Although many of us have undoubtedly enjoyed the story lines and dance routines of past BW classics, the latest films have more relevance to a contemporary world (almost!) Note, for example, the clothing the school kids are wearing from the word go. And allusions to Britney Spears are not amiss when watching our little Indian starlet glittering across the screen. "Main Hoon Na" will be screened at a Netherlands Filmmuseum open-air sunset performance at on September 3rd. (Who knows? The whole terrace may break out spontaneously in dance!) It will also be screened (indoors at the museum) on September 5th at 13:30 and on September 6th at 20:30. Further dates remain to be sheduled. www.filmfestival.nl

  • The Amsterdam division of the Goethe Institute begins a short festival of seven films freshly arrived from the Berliniale 2004, screened evenings at 20:00 and commencing on September 14th:

    • Tuesday, September 14th "Die Mitte" - 90-minute Germanic ironic/comic documentary (English subtitles) investigates at which point the center of new Europe exists.

    • Wednesday, September 22nd "Schüßangst" - Poetic German thriller (English subtitles) about a man who, suffering from an unhappy love situation, finds himself becoming isolated and lonely to the point of extremity. Winner of the "Concha de Oro" at the San Sebastian Film Festival.

    • Tuesday, September 28th "Dieses Jahr in Czernowitz" - German documentary (English subtitles) about the residents and descendants of immigrants from the town of Cernovitz (nowadays called Cernivci) whose annual "Pesach" serves as a reminder to them of the 150,000 inhabitants (2/3 of the population) exterminated by the nazis. The old Ukrainian/Rumanian town (in the territory of Bukivina) is visited by expatriates and their relatives, who are now spread to different corners of the earth, including the actor Harvey Keitel.

    • Tuesday, October 5th "Blueprint" - (director Rolf Schübel will be present at the screening) Drama (English subtitles) starring Franca Potente ("Lola Rennt") as a girl who discovers that she is the clone of her mother, a world famous concert pianist. The mother (in a dual role, also played by Miss Potent), discovering that she is incurably ill, decides to use whatever advantages she has at her disposal to assure herself that the world will not have to continue without her talents when she dies.

    • Tuesday, October 12th "Rhythm is it!" - (director will be present at the screening) Filmed documentary (English subtitles) of the initial months of collaboration between conductor Sir Simon Rattle and the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra which contains, as cinematic counterpoint, a multi-cultural choreography of Stravinksky's "Sacre du Printemps." Ad van Dam, project manager for Mira Media (Utrecht) will host a discussion with either Thomas Grube or Enrique Sanchez following the screening.

    • Tuesday, October 19th "Northern Star" - Drama (English subtitles) about an aggressive and introvert 18-year-old girl whose father committed suicide 13 years earlier and whose mother is presently having an affair with the local reverend. When she meets and moves in with the 25-year-old Ulf, she hopes to escape on his boat from her provincial surroundings and starts to become totally fixated upon him.

    • Tuesday, October 26th "Status Yo!" - (director Till Hastreiter will be present at the screening.) Two-hour drama (English subtitles) about the hip-hop culture in Berlin. A poetic portrait of rappers, sprayers and DJs who spend each day between Kreuzberg and Friedrichain planning the next and biggest jam that the neighborhood has ever seen. Following the screening, rapper Danny Stolker (who won the Drempel award in Rotterdam earlier this year for his video clip / end examination project) will host a discussion with director Hastreiter (in English).

    Further information available at www.goethe.de/amsterdam .

  • Broadcast, the "Nationaal Omroepcongres" ("National Broadcasting Congress") will take place at 'T Spant Theatre in Bussum, the Netherlands on September 29th and 30th. For those interested, further information is available at www.omroepcongres.nl .

  • "Faust", a staged performance by the Netherlands Chamber Orchestra with dancers, conducted by Robert Hollingworth and directed by Henk Schutwill, will run at Amsterdam's Docklands (NDSM Werf) between September 8th and 12th. Further information regarding performances, tickets, and reservations for these as well as other dates and locations in Enschede and Utrecht, Holland as well as Bremen, Germany, can be found at www.artery.nl .
    "A bold assault on our passive theatrical and political experience."

  • This summer's must-see theatrical event:: Arthur Miller's masterpiece After the Fall was and incredible evening of theatre under the direction of José Quintero's at the long gone ANTA Washington Square Theatre many, many moons ago. Miller was pounced upon at the time by the press for the character in the play (Maggie) based upon ex-wife Marilyn, which (too) many found distasteful onstage so shortly after her death. This response remains a matter of personal opinion and (very much) open to debate, but, no matter how one looks at this issue, the play itself remains a sound piece of overpowering theatre. Barbara Lodon gave a magnificent, Tony award-winning performance in the role of Maggie and Jason Robards Jr. was masterly in the role of Quentin as he carried the audience into the world that emanated from his psyche. Frank Langella also performed the role in an Off Broadway revival during the interim and that, undoubtedly, was also a great performance. From all reports, the new production at the Roundabout Theatre Company in New York starring Peter Krause ("Six Feet Under," "Sports Night") and Carla Gugino ("Karen Sisco," The Spy Kids movies) as well as the fascinating set design (which emulates Eero Saarinen's magnificent TWA building at JFK airport) are also something to watch out for. Also appearing in the cast is Broadway veteran Jessica Hecht ("Friends", Last Night of Ballyhoo) and the production has been directed this time around by Michael Mayer. This strictly limited engagement of After the Fall only runs until September 12th, so you better hurry and get your tickets. For a two-and-a-half-hour show, it's cheap at twice the price.

    Some reactions from the press:

    -Adam Feldman, Time Out New York

    -Hilton Als, The New Yorker

    -Howard Shapiro, Philadelphia Inquirer

    -Marilyn Stasio, Variety

    -Clive Barnes, New York Post

  • Hold onto your grand pianos! Jamie Cullen, the swinging "Sinatra in sneakers" that all the girls (and some of the boys) swoon for, will be back in Amsterdam (this time at the Paradiso) on Thursday, October 14th. Better hurry if you want to get a ticket!

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