The International Film Festival of Rotterdam

January 1998

-Yes, the International Film Festival of Rotterdam will be taking its annual course from January 28th until February 8th. Everything will be on display, from cannibals to zombies, and some of them will most likely be making deals as well. Keeping on a similar track, Pedro Almodovar's "Live Flesh" will be showing as well as Michael Hanneke's "Funny Games." The Thematic Program (of which Hanneke's film is a central focus) running at the festival is titled "The Cruel Machine" and should satisfy anybody with morbid fascinations (Perhaps not as good as the real thing for some of you, however.) Jan Svankmajer (don't you love that man's mind) will be represented by "Conspirators of Pleasure." Watch out for "Sick, the Life and Death of Bob Flanagan, Supermasochist." Ouch! Hope you all survive the festival to tell about it another day.
-The cinema at the Balie Theater on the Leidseplein in Amsterdam will be showing that wonderful classic from Frank Simon's The Queen on January 9th and 10th. How many of you remember Harlow in the flesh? Truman did. I do. Do you?

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