Yes, folks, "Gladiator" is now showing in Rotterdam, Holland on the IMAX screen.
Try not to jump out of your seats.

June 2000

  • Yes, folks, "Gladiator" is now showing in Rotterdam, Holland on the IMAX screen. Try not to jump out of your seats.
  • N.I.C.E. (or New Italian Cinema Events) Amsterdam 2000 is showing a series of new films at De Balie Cinema near the Leidseplein. Films include "In Principio Erano Le Mutande", "Ormai e Fatta", "Autunno", "La Prima Volta", "Ecco Fatto", and "Femminile, Singolare." That's pasta, e basta! Further information available at www.italcult.demon.nl
  • "Mi-2" is getting closer to Holland. Opening date is scheduled for July 6th. For those who are interested, there's a chance to play secret agent and win prizes. Agents in training have to attempt 8 missions and everyone can test their abilities in 10 trials. After each trial a report is shown displaying not only your score, but also comparative scores from other countries. Those residents in Holland with the best results will receive 2 tickets to the gala premiere on July 5th in Amsterdam. But there are hundreds of other prizes to be won as well, like CD's, posters, caps, CD-ROM's. Check it out for yourself at www.uip-netherlands.nl
  • The dear departed totally-mad Frank Zappa will be enjoying a resurrection in Amsterdam this month which doesn't restrict itself to merely his music, but also encompasses his directing, acting, and even some of his favorite films. Yes, the Dutch Film Museum in the Vondelpark is pulling out all the stops and letting the Frankness flow. Get this list down in your twisted brains: "200 Motels" (Frank Zappa & Tony Palmer, US 1971) 9 June 19.00 & 17 June 21.30, "The Amazing Mr. Bickford" (Frank Zappa, US 1987) 14 June 19.00 & 20 June 21.30, "Baby Snakes" (Frank Zappa, US 1979) 8 June 19.00 & 19 June 19.00, "Does Humor Belong in Music?" (Frank Zappa, US 1985) 14 June 19.00 & 20 June 21.30, "The Dub Room Special" (Frank Zappa, US 1984) 13 June 21.30 & 18 June 19.00, "Frank Zappa" (Roelof Kiers, NL 1971) 11 June 15.30 & 16 June 19.00, "The True Story of Frank Zappa's 200 Motels" (Frank Zappa, US 1988) 9 June 21.30 & 17 June 19.00, "Uncle Meat" (Frank Zappa, US 1987) 14 June 21.30 & 21 June 19.00, "Video From Hell" (Frank Zappa, US 1985) 11 June 21.30 & 15 June 19.00, "The World's Greatest Sinner" (Timothy Carey, US 1962) 13 June 19.00. Among the Zapper's favorite films: "Brainiac" (Chana Urueta, MEX 1962) 15 June 21.30, "Brazil" (Terry Gilliam, GB 1985) 12 June 21.30, "Eraserhead" (David Lynch, US 1978) 10 June 19.00, "Freaks" (Tod Browning, US 1932) 10 June 21.30 & 20 June 19.00, and "Godzilla vs. The Thing" (Inoshiro Honda, JAP 1964) 16 June 21.30. How do you like that schedule, Suzy Creamcheese?
  • Yes, folks, it's the month that "Expo 2000" begins, the world exhibition in Hanover, Germany. It should be fun (at least, more fun than the millennium dome in Greenwich, which will most likely be the first fiasco of the year 2000), so hope to see you there. Remember that this is the event that paid Kraftwerk to compose their 3- second theme tune for the fee of 400,000 DM (a little more than $200,000). If that kind of money has been getting thrown around, you might think twice about bringing your own lunch. After all, it is a new millennium and costs keep going up.
  • "Dichtgespijkerd" ("Boarded Up"), a new film conceived and directed by Stef Meyknecht, visual anthropologist at the State University of Leiden in Holland, had its premiere last month at the Royal Institute for the Tropics in Amsterdam during the "Beeld voor Beeld" ("Image by Image") Festival. It follows a number of residents in their apartment building during the period before it is to be demolished, despite their protests. 28 stories on the corner of the Kramatweg and the Valentijnkade are doomed to disappear no matter what the inhabitants of these quarters may wish. Their destinies have been decided years earlier by the city council. This documentary of people arguing, partying, suffering, loving, and often feeling defeated during a period of time before their inevitable departure was edited from a total of 90 hours of video. Meyknecht feels that his film can be considered a drama of accusation. He chose this subject because, as he says, "I have no simple message regarding good or evil, but there are things that make me very angry."

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