The 'Melies d' Or'

December 1996 and January 1997

The 'Melies d' Or' prize for Fantastic Film will be presented on the evening of December 17th at the Kinepolis theatre in Brussels, Belgium after a press-screening of the three finalists in competition: Raoul Servais' Taxandria (Belgium), Alex de la Iglesia's El Dia de la Bestia (Spain), and van Esteban Ibarrexte's Solo se Muere Dos Veces (Spain). These three have already been chosen previously at four other festivals from among 33 finalists by having won the 'Melies d'Argent' prize for Best European Fantastic Film. Now the decision must be made by an international jury for the winner of the big prize. Also a reminder that the fantastic festival of the Fantastic Film in Brussels will be on our doorsteps again within a few months. Always a celebration to keep your eyes open for.

January 1997
The 'Melies d' Or' prize for Fantastic Film was awarded during December by a jury in Brussels under the chairmanship of Marie Helene Melies to Alex de la Iglesia's El Dia de la Bestia (Spain).

The 15th Annual Brussels International Festival of Fantasy, Thriller & Science-Fiction Films will take place this year from the 7th to the 22nd of March. (It's so much easier to say Cinema Fantastique, but I guess there are still those uninitiated to the term.) One of the many illustrious visitors, Terry Gilliam, had this to say of a previous festival: 'Thank you for providing a strong floor to support the crowds - we have lost Festival crowds before - also ..... consider the possibility of more Brown Fat Next Year.' Further info via FAX 322+201.14.69 in Brussels.

The Netherlands Film Museum is about to begin a retrospective of Valentino films. Quelle sheik!

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