Jan de Bont's newest cinematic offering

July 1997

  • Jan de Bont's newest cinematic offering Speed 2: Cruise Control will be given its world premiere in the Netherlands this month. (You can always take a quick gander at The Green Hartnett's review on this website) De Bont, whose long running reputation as one of the best Directors of Photography in the business, has certainly succeeded big scale in breaking records and taking over a special corner of the cinematic world with his newly chosen profession as Director of Excitement, Danger, and Thrills.

  • The Day of the Dutch Film, held last month in the Hague, was attended by "anyone who's anyone" in the Dutch Film World. It proved to be an exciting event with analyses, speeches, and discussions concerning the future of the Dutch film as well as the role of the industry both nationally and in relationship to the blossoming film fields of Europe. Finances were the main topic that almost all visiting professionals were concerned about. In accordance with a projected plan drawn up with assistance of the Media Platform and which financial advisor Leo Spigt, chairman of the Dutch Film Fund, submitted to the Department of Finance approximately one year ago, governmental representatives have made some tentative promises to take all matters proposed in the document under serious consideration. It appears that the seat of government has suddenly realized (after investigating applications of various policies made abroad within the film sector and analyzing their ensuing results) that real money can actually be made from movies and that it could eventually turn into quite a lucrative investment if handled correctly.

  • James Stewart, star of It's a Wonderful Life, seems to have changed his opinion.

  • F.W. Murnau's Faustus is to be screened in Amsterdam on the Herengracht (Gentleman's canal) August 8th with live accompaniment by three musicians. Possibly Murnau's best film once again given an injection into the mainstream to share the experience with the potentially uninitiated.

  • For those of you lucky enough to be in New York City between July 4th and August 28th, you'll find it's really time to wave your flags and celebrate the fabulous festival of B-movies at the Film Forum (209 W. Houston St.) which includes such treats as the sexually repressed, iron- pumping Sal Mineo stalking nightclub hostess Juliet Prowse in Who Killed Teddy Bear?

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