Not only will Dana International open, but Circus Diva will be swallowing swords


  • Not only will Dana International, winner of the 1998 Eurovision Song Festival, be opening the Gay Games (August 1-8) this Summer in Amsterdam, but the gay and lesbian group Circus Diva will appearing during the same week of events displaying, among other things, their sword-swallowing act. How many "pointe" is that in French, Ulrike?
  • The Kingdom II: parts 5, 6, 7 & 8 will be shattering your cinema screens this month. The first part of this marathon epic proved to be all one could expect, but there is more to come. Get ready, breathe deep and hold on to your seats as well as your minds. Strange little fellow, that Lars, don't you think. Also, keep watching for the Green Hartnett reviews (as I'm sure you always do.)
  • Robert Crumb & His Cheap Suit Serenades will be playing this month, one night only, on the 14th of June at De Kleine Komedie in Amsterdam. For those of you who don't remember the 60's, either take a look at the cover design for Janis Joplin's (name familiar?) CD "Cheep Thrills" or rent the video for the filmed documentary "Crumb". Has this guy got a sense of humor or what? Oh, well, keep on truckin'.
  • De Balie cinema in Amsterdam will be showing Dirk Shafer's "Man of the Year" on the evening of Saturday, June 27th. Shafer, who has tried to climb the ladder to stardom for years, saw a golden opportunity when he was chosen to become Playgirl's Centerfold of The Year in 1992. Not a bad macho-image for a gay guy from Hollywood. Quicker than you can say Calvin Kleins, he picked up a camera and began to direct and film himself in this "mockumentary". Perhaps a good alternative title would have been "Dirk is coming out all over".
  • the 25th International Film Festival of Flanders will be taking place in Ghent from October 6th to 17th. More information will follow (under future buzzes) as the event nears. For the time being, make a note in your agenda.

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