Imamura retrospective


  • Shohei Imamura's complete works of fiction will be shown this month in Amsterdam at the Dutch Film Museum. A considerable oeuvre, to say the least, and one that, although widely critically acclaimed, has unfortunately managed to escape the wider popular recognition in the West that it rightly deserves. The first of two Golden Palms was awarded to him at Cannes in 1983 for the magnificent Narayama-Bushi Ko (The Ballad of Narayama) and his second in 1997 for Unagi. Further information on website www.dds.nl/nfm
  • Those of you with a groaning hunger to discover what the Dutch film culture had to offer in the past will be overjoyed at the prospect of spending the entire day (if you so wish) inside the small cinema constructed as an exhibit within the Dutch Historical Museum exhibition titled "Amsterdam in the Past" (in the center of Amsterdam, of course). (N.B.-do not confuse this location with the Dutch Film Museum). The gems on offer there each and every day until November 1st include Pinksterzegen ("Pentecostal Blessings"), Van Boerin tot Ster ("From Milkmaid to Star" - starring Louisette en Chretienni), Blue Movie (title sort of speaks for itself, doesn't it, Pim and Wim?), Praktisch Socialisme ("Practical Socialism"), Cha Cha (back to the 70's with Nina Hagen and Herman Brood), World War II (back even further with the American army) and Rene Coelho's singular documentary Is It a Sin to be Subjective? Enjoy!

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