I want to ride my bi-cycle


  • The famous white bicycle of the 60's will be making it's return this year in Amsterdam. In the decade of the provos and the generation of love, the idea was formed of painting a bicycle white to signal that it was for everyone's use. The concept, of course, was that everyone should paint his or her bicycle white and, in that way, transportation would become free, easy, simple, and friendly. (The establishment, who unfortunately didn't care much for the concept, took measures to insure it's failure.) Never to be forgotten, especially in a country renowned for it's use of bicycles, the system has returned with some alterations. The bikes, in limited numbers, are attached to one of twenty stalls located in Amsterdam, where the cost of rental for use is one guilder (a reasonable price to cross town). Access to the white bikes is, unfortunately, only possible via a postgiro pass with accessible chipper. Extra-added attraction, on the other hand, is that it's free until September 21st.

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