Chris Marker makes another Mark.


  • Chris Marker will be experiencing a well-deserved airing of his works at the Balie theater on the Leidseplein in Amsterdam as well as in Montevideo (the one in Amstedam, that is). Those of you who know what I'm talking about hold onto your hats (as well as your heads). Included among the fantastic list is, of course, "La Jetee." Take advantage of being able to see what you don't get a chance to see too often. Take my advice. Twist your brain around some of these. Starting June 26th and running through July 31st.
  • The American Adventures Festival will be centering itself around the Stedelijk Museum on the Museum Square in Amsterdam from June 19th until July 4th ,naturally. The annex building will be adorned to look like a flag and wearing red, white, and blue will not be amiss. Closing evening will also include an open-air concert in the Vondelpark.
  • Frank Lloyd Wright will be meeting up with Berlage in Amsterdam and, although both architects are (physically) dead, this exhibition should be a real treat for those living in all quarters. The great Wright will be exposed in the Beurs van Berlage (ex-stock exchange, now concert hall) from the 16th of June until the 12th of September. This exhibition is included on the list of activities for the American Adventures Festival (see above) in the capitol city, but continues onward long after for the enjoyment of Dutch dwellers and visiting tourists. Me, I'd love to live in "Fallingwater (1935)", but wouldn't everyone? Take me away, Frankie!

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